For the final, I used the color to represent my character's mood, and also repesent the time.

I use five values to define the depth of field and character’s emotion.

I start with 3 values(light, meidum, and dark),and find the focal point for each cell.




Farm Tools

This is a story I read when I was a child. The original story's title is “Little Red and Little Green” published in 1974 in Taiwan. The story is pretty sad at the end, which is why I still remember it. I cannot find the original book, but I found the whole story in digital format. I recreated this story for my independent study, and thank instructor Will Weston for helping out.
Character Design

Ghost Town & Cowboy


The Magical Tree Forest

The Huanted Mansion

Old captain, dog, and swamp.

Metal Gear Rays invade the Little Tokyo.

(lower right corner)

Sergeant:" I want you take those things down!"


Cavemen catch an exhausted fire breathing dragon, and use the dragon’s fire to BBQ.

Something goes terribly wrong in the science’s laboratory.

The mothership hovers over the alien landscape as advance teams explore the terrain while the native life forms hide.

Cavemen fight off the ravenous saber-tooth tigers to protect the women and children

The princess skips down the pathway of the enchanted forest while butterflies follow behind, on her way to the magical falls

Treasure Hunter diving into a dangerous Zone

Dog Fight & Dive Bomber