Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest My version of R is a little bit sexy~~~>:3!

Bun, Gyoza, Spring Roll, Beef Noodle, and China-san~♥

A Wii game call"Rhythm Heaven Fever", after I listen, this music is stuck in my head, and I love it. I borrow some of my firend's avatars, and some punchlines to make this video!!! Perhaps only few people know what am I doing for this, but it is good practice for my editing skills~:D!

News said, " Gadhafi was found hiding in a sewage pipe, according to Reuters."
hmmm~~ so I got this.

I like Lei Lei very much since I first time saw her on the Arcade.

I miss this drawing style for a while; so I pick up my pen again!

For the final, I used the color to represent my character's mood, and also repesent the time.